Quentin Tre'Veon Harris, founder & owner of company, originally from Raeford North Carolina. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA & although his passion in life is to become a successful actor & business owner of several other business's; his passion in during the journey lies with motivating & encouraging other dreamers to never stop dreaming.

#DreamsAreReal clothing was thought of in 2014. The idea was put into action & established in 2015 of January. #DreamsAreReal reveals professionalism, confidence, and exclusivity in all of our products. Dreams Are Real was created to encourage youth & adults that just because your from a small town, or because your older, or have kids or whatever your circumstance is, doesn't mean that you shouldn't dream big & put forth the hard work & dedication to make those dreams a reality!

Motto: In order to live my dream, I have to see my dream, so I wear it across my chest!

Thank you for your love and support. God Bless!


Instagram: @QuentinHarris21